Why vote NO on Measure C?

Broken Roads, Broken Promises, and Higher Taxes

Measure C is a $6.8 billion dollar sales tax you will pay for the next 30 years. It was written behind closed doors by the same politicians and bureaucrats who, for 35 years, have failed to keep their promises for safer roads and clean air.

Measure C makes it harder to pay for basic needs.

Inflation is hard enough on families already. And now politicians want more of our money to do more of the same. Measure C will just make it harder to pay for basic needs.

Measure C ignores our needs and makes our air worse.

Measure C does not provide the transportation system we need for our future. It fails to meet the needs of Fresno County residents and will make our air quality even worse. Measure C cuts public transportation in half, leaves neighborhoods with broken streets and sidewalks, and forces our kids to use unsafe routes to school.

Measure C is just another political slush fund.

Politicians are rushing voters to lock in higher sales taxes for the next 30 years, but the current Measure C does not expire until 2027. The proposed measure even allows politicians to change funding priorities without voter approval. Stop them from borrowing recklessly just to fund their pet projects, without any real public oversight.

Measure C fails workers.

We cannot afford to pay higher taxes for a political slush fund that doesn’t even guarantee local workers jobs and training programs.